How do I redirect a request for a specific URL to the domain root using htaccess?

The short answer

RedirectMatch 301 ^/the-url-to-redirect/$ http://www.domain.tld/the-new-url/

The Problem

I have a WordPress blog in a subdirectory, but I want calls for the domain root to display content of the sub directory. However I also want the sub directory to… Continue reading

How do I change a ‘Page’ to a ‘Post’ in WordPress?

This works the other way around too if you want to change a Post’ to a ‘Page.

From time to time you may want to change a WordPress Page to a Post or vice-versa. This might be due to restructuring… Continue reading

How do I get my Facebook ‘like’ button to align with Google Plus and Twitter

The Facebook ‘like’ button will not always automatically align with other buttons such as Google Plus and Twitter. What you need to do is add some ‘style’ to the Facebook Like button code.

At the end of the code add… Continue reading

How do I remove “Comments are closed.” from WordPress Posts?

If you want to turn off the comments feature on WordPress posts you may do so by:

Posts -> Quick Edit -> Uncheck “Allow Comments”.

But, WordPress still displays the words ”Comments are closed.” at the foot of the… Continue reading

How Do I Change The Size Of The Content Editor in WordPress?

The default value for the content editor in WordPress is 30 lines which is rather small if you are working on large or complex pages.

You can change the height of the editor by going to:

Settings > Writing… Continue reading

How do I stop my uploaded WordPress files from being accessed by users who are not logged in?

One of the security loopholes with WordPress is that while you can prevent pages and posts from being accessed by unauthorised users who are not logged in, any uploaded files (such as images and PDFs etc.) are still available to… Continue reading

Artisteer Theme Design Software for WordPress Joomla and Drupal

There are essentially two problems with ready made themes for the popular CMSs such as WordPress Joomla and Drupal. First is that they never quite do what you want them to do, and secondly, making changes to them are time… Continue reading

How do I remove the Website field in the WordPress comments form?

WordPress by its very nature, is attractive to Spammers seeking ways of publicising websites which may be totally irrelevant to the content of the host website. While active “bloggers” may have their own blog website, many casual commenters and surfers… Continue reading

How do I correct the Google Maps display error in Internet Explorer when using UI Tabs?

For tabbed browsing in WordPress installations, I have been using the plugin Post UI Tabs (PUT) The only problem is that when a Google Map is embedded within a tab, a resizing/display problem is caused. As far as I… Continue reading

How do I add an email contact form in WordPress?

There are plenty of email form plugins available ranging from very simple to install (but lacking features and options) to the more complex ones which take ages to plough through all the option. For a quick-and-dirty solution I tend to… Continue reading

How do I create a child theme in WordPress?

If you want to modify your WordPress theme, the best way to do it is to create a child theme. The child theme will simply import the parent theme and apply any changes you have made within the child.… Continue reading

How do I remove “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” in WordPress?

For those who do not understand what html is, or how to write it, the text which appears below the comments box in WordPress can be confusing. Personally I think it looks a little bit messy and I prefer … Continue reading

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