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Un-ban or remove ban from WHMCS

How to remove a ban from WHMCS?

The first time I discovered there was an IP address ban facility in WHMCS was after three unsuccessful login attempts I made after I changed my password but I still had the old password stored in my browser.  Durh!

I found myself locked out of my own system for simply clicking the login button once too many times :-(

However, all is not lost. With a bit of tweaking in the database via the cPanel I was able to remove the ban :-)

This is how to un-ban an IP address in WHMCS

  • Log into cPanel
  • Under Databases go to ‘phpMyAdmin’
  • Select the database ending ‘_whmcs’
  • Find the table ‘tblbannedips’ (ie table banned IPs)
  • Delete the row containing your own banned IP address

Reload WHMCS and the ban is gone.