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Paypal Fake Email Scam

Today I received this email purporting to come from PayPal. It clearly didn’t but someone less wary might think it did.


From: Paypal Service < >
Subject: We’re investigating a paypal payment reversal (Case ID #PP-003-498-237-832)

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PayPal secure

Check the account informations that belongs to you !

What happened?
Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
03/12/2016 : Someone tried to login to your account using the wrong informations more than 3 times.
Your case ID for this reason is PP-009-536-987-252.

How do i resolve my account’s access ?
We face a problem in the ratification of the real owner of the account . And for that you must follow the following steps :

1 Click on the Button Below

2 Log in to your account

3 Provide the informations needed to prove ownership of this account