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Parsnip Soup Recipe

Parsnip Soup

This is a recipe I often use to use up any left over parsnips. Parsnips tend to be a bit boring on their own but this home made soup makes a delicious low-fat, low calorie, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free and lactose free light meal on it’s own. This is another of Mrs C’s favourites.

Ingredients serves 6-8

6-8 Parsnips (chopped)
1 Large Onion (chopped)
2-4 Carrots (chopped)
Splash of Olive Oil
Generous Serving of Ground Black Pepper
2 Teaspoons of Bog-Standard Curry Powder
500ml Vegetable Stock or Consommé


‘Sweat’ the vegetables in a large pan with a small amount of oil for about half an hour on a very low heat.
Add the pepper and curry powder
Add the Vegetable Stock or Consommé
Continue to cook for another half hour or until the vegetables are tender.
Allow to cool (so as not to be handling hot liquids)
Blend then reheat to serve.
Serve with black pepper and salt to taste.

For a non-lactose-free alternative, add some blue stilton or other strong cheese (about 125gm) at the blending stage.
For those less-keen on spices, leave them out!