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Moment Biker is Killed in Crash Caught on Video

There is a reason I am posting this, and it is not to revel in the gore of someone else’s misfortune or to blame anyone for what happened. A fatal accident occurred by a car crossing the path of a motorcycle. The result is horrific. But as with many things online, it sparked a debate of blame. Some take the side of the driver of the car saying that the motorcyclist was driving too fast, others take the side of the motorcyclist saying that he had right of way and the driver should not have pulled¬†across. The video is shocking, and I will comment below: Skip to 2.50 for the incident itself, its over in seconds.

Experienced motorcyclist David Holmes age 38 was riding along the A47 near Honingham with a camera recording. It is reported that he was travelling at 97mph. A car cut across his path, he did not stand a chance of stopping or avoiding it. Bang, it just happened and it was all over. The driver pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving.

Whatever actual speed David was riding at, it was well in excess of the 60mph posted speed limit. As well as that, he was riding through a junction where extra care was needed. Had he been riding at a considerably lower speed, the collision may not have happened or the outcome may have been considerably less bad for him.

Had the driver slowed down, assessed the situation and made a better informed decision whether to proceed or not, the collision may never have happened.

Regardless of blame, the collision occurred as a result of the combined speed of the motorcyclist and the carelessness of the driver.

Standards of driving are sadly, shockingly low. If you ride a bike you need to allow for that.

If you drive a car remember there are people who drive and ride at excessive speed. It may well be against the law, but allow for it.