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How to format a Micro SDHC card in NTFS in Windows XP to increase maximum file size from 4gb

[1] Insert your Micro SDHC into you device or a card reader and connect to your computer.
[2] Set the Device Properties “Policies”

Right click “My Computer”
Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > Open “Disk Drives”
Right click the drive to format.
Properties > Policies select the radio button “Optimise for performance” and OK
You may need to reboot for changes to take effect.

[3] My Computer > Right click the disk drive you want to format

Select File System NTFS from the drop down.
Choose whether to Enable Compression. By enabling compression you files may take up less space but performance may be reduced.
Use Quick Format for a reformat on what you know is to be a good card only.
OK the warning (but make sure you are formatting the correct drive).
OK the Format Complete.


When you remove an NTFS drive from Windows, you will need to either shut down the computer or use the Safely Remove Hardware tool from the taskbar (next to the time date display on your monitor). This is to stop and read write process to the drive which may cause errors or loss of data.