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How do I search the content of php files in Windows XP?

When working on website script I often need search files for specific text or code. But by default Windows XP does not include php files in its search results. This can be frustrating because you know the text you are looking for is there, but you can’t seem to find it anywhere. What you need to do is include php files in the search results.

To change your settings so that Windows XP will also include php files

Start > Search

Select from the sidebar menu:
Change Preferences

With/Without indexing services (for faster local searches)

Change indexing service settings (advanced)

Select on toolbar:
Hide/Show console tree

Right Click:
Indexing Service on Local Machine


Check the box:
Index files with unknown extensions.

Then when you seach files, php files will be included in the results.


One Response to How do I search the content of php files in Windows XP?

  • This issue sent me round in circles for ages before I realised that XP did not automatically include php files in search results.