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How do I recover my files when Windows will not boot?

When windows fails to boot you can often recover all your files quite easily. One of the methods I use is to run another operating system from the CD drive and then copy the required files over to a flash drive or external hard drive. Windows can then be re-installed and then the recovered files copied back again (or the recovered files are available to copy to another machine).

Even if there are Windows passwords in place, these will not be required. So if you have lost your user passwords (or otherwise need to access files on a machine which has its access restricted by user passwords) you may still access your files.

If you take regular back-ups, you will not need to do this anyway. Prevention is better than cure, but most people only realise that they should have taken a back-up, after its too late.

Get the latest copy of Ubuntu from:

  1. Copy Ubuntu to a CD or USB drive
  2. On the machine with the faulty Windows installation, boot from the drive with Ubuntu.
  3. Navigate Ubuntu (like you would Windows) to locate your files, you may then copy the files to another USB flash drive or external hard drive.