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How do I get my website listed in search engine results?

Getting websites listed on search engines is easy enough. Getting websites listed at the top of search engine results is the difficult part. There is no easy way, silver bullet or quick fix.

Search engines, like Google will repeatedly ‘crawl’ the Internet looking at pages and content and it will index and rank pages according to what it sees. The better the website is ‘optimised’ for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, the higher the page will appear in the results shown for any given search term.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO falls into these main categories

[1] The text of the page content

[2] The text of the page headers, (i.e. the meta tags and what the user does not normally see).

[3] Anchor link text (i.e. the text used in hyperlinks linking to the website and internally within the website).

[4] Back links and reciprocal links (i.e. incoming links from other websites and whether there is a link from your website in return).

[5] Valid html, robot directives and xml site maps. These are to ensure that the crawlers are able to ‘see’ what is on the website.

This article is not intended as a comprehensive guide as the science behind SEO. SEO is continually changing and is a comprehensive subject in itself. This post is here to merely serve an insight into SEO and Search Engine Optimisation.