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How do I change a ‘Page’ to a ‘Post’ in WordPress?

This works the other way around too if you want to change a Post’ to a ‘Page.

From time to time you may want to change a WordPress Page to a Post or vice-versa. This might be due to restructuring your website content or your WordPress blog. There is no simple way within WordPress to do this.

However there is a simple way to do this by altering an entry in the database.

Modifiying database entries can be quite daunting however this action is fairly simple using MySQL and phpMyAdmin. These systems are normally active on your server.

This is what you do

  • Go to the Pages or Posts page in your admin area
  • Roll your mouse over Edit under the title
  • Make a note of the ID number
While you roll your mouse over, at the bottom of the page, a bar will appear with the url path, something like this:
131 is the post ID number.

Then log into you hosting control panel

  • Launch phpMyAdmin under database admin.
  • Click on the database for that WordPress installation
  • Click on xyz_Posts (xyz being your table prefix)
  • There may be hundreds of entries but you can scroll through the pages until you find your entry under ‘ID’
  • Edit the entry by clicking edit and then manually changing the word ‘post’ to ‘page’ or page to post

Go back to your WordPress admin panel and the post will now be a page or vice-versa.