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How do I add an email contact form in WordPress?

There are plenty of email form plugins available ranging from very simple to install (but lacking features and options) to the more complex ones which take ages to plough through all the option. For a quick-and-dirty solution I tend to use:

Fast Secure Contact Form

Don’t be put off by the features and options available after install as this will run pretty much straight out of the box. All you need to do after install is add the shortcode  to your page and it’s ready to use.

It comes with:

  • Built in Captcha
  • Custom fields
  • Auto reply
  • CC Options
  • Redirection
  • Additional forms
  • Easy back up and restore
  • CSS options

So after a quick install, at your leisure you can wade through all the other great features and options to set the form up exactly as you want it.