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Artisteer Theme Design Software for WordPress Joomla and Drupal

There are essentially two problems with ready made themes for the popular CMSs such as WordPress Joomla and Drupal. First is that they never quite do what you want them to do, and secondly, making changes to them are time consuming and can be messy.

Artisteer is a website theme design software programme which allows website designers to quickly create bespoke designs for their clients without painstakingly wading through php and css files. Using this software to come up with themes is almost like cheating as you do not need to understand much at all about how themes work, php or css as the programme does it all for you.

One of the features I particularly like is that the designer can use the feature to suggest designs, (and in turn suggest background, colours, fonts, menus, styles etc) so even the most unimaginative designer (like me) can quickly produce professional looking and unique websites in a very short period of time. As an example, this website went from planning to installation in about 40 minutes. It’s rough and ready, but it does exactly what I want it to do, it looks OK, and I can change anything by simply re-loading the programme files, making changes and outputting the theme files again. It is quick and easy if you need to make minor changes or complete redesigns at a later date.

This website is built on the WordPress publishing platform. WordPress provides and easy to set-up and use cms and blogging platform. The theme was created using the Artisteer Web Design Program

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Generator